cloudGate - M2M IoT ready
What is our cloudGate device ?

Our cloudGate device is an integrated data collection and control device connected to the Internet via mobile phone service providers. It is supplied with fitted solar panel and accepts inputs from a range of sensors for environmental and agricultural monitoring. For example, soil moisture monitoring sensors, weather sensors, water level sensors , pumps, flow devices and many other devices. The cloudGate device uploads data to our servers at typically 15 minute intervals and provides near real time data in chart format and downloadable csv file format. The data can be pushed via FTP transfer to any clients server if required. Data can be viewed on any Internet connected device such as smart phones, tablets and PCs.

3 * SDI-12 inputs for instruments such as weather stations and soil moisture monitoring probes
2 * counter inputs for devices such as rain gauges and pulse type flow devices
2 * analogue inputs for sensors with voltage ( 0 - 1 V ) and current ( 4 - 20 mA ) outputs.
4 * latching solenoid outputs for controlling pumps via an interposing relay and irrigation valves.

Operation         nominal 12-16 VDC
Power              2 mA
Solar panel       5 watt
Internal 4 AH Lithium battery 

Remote configuration and diagnostics.
Provides near real time data
Provides immediate real time alarm SMS messaging service direct from field
Operating Bandwidths (Australia, NZ and Pacific zone )
B 1   2100 MHz
B 3   1800 MHz
B 5     850 MHz
B 8     900 MHz
B 28   700 MHz    - low frequency extended data transmission ranges. Ideal for remote rural areas.

Band 28 is a lower frequency transmission band and provides extended long distance data transfer across the 4Gx mobile phone network. The lower frequency provides better signal penetration and hence ideal for use in remote rural areas where existing mobile phone coverage does not exist or unreliable. The cloudGate unit currently supports Cat 1 protocols and thus IoT ready.

Australian providers of the Band 28 IoT services include Telstra and Optus.

cloudGate field unit showing waterproof sensor connection location.
cloudGate unit with solar panel. IoT ready. Remotely configurable and expandable
Version 2.1
by NRIE since 1980
   Telemetry and monitoring solutions for agricultural and the environment
Examples of cloudGate user display