Soil sensor used in this demonstration is an EnviroPRO 120 cm soil probes measuring soil moisture ( v/v), soil temperature and soil electrical conductivity.

Other parameters measured on the site include

wind speed and direction
air temperature and relative humidity
solar radiation
evapotranspiration ( calculated )
crop canopy temperature
crop canopy relative humidity
water level ( NRIE ultrasonic )

SMI = Soil Moisture Index
RainSum = 24h total 0600 – 0600 (mm)
Individual sensor moisture

SMI = Soil Moisture Index
Soil temperature
Soil Electrical Conductivity
Soil moisture at 10 cm
Soil temp at 10 cm
Soil salinity at 10 cm

Long range WiFi irrigation management demonstration site

Project – flood irrigation on heavy clay loam soils.

NRIE have developed long range Wi-Fi for communication of field devices between remote monitoring points and office or shed based router. The system uses clients standard office or home internet router.
Range testing is on going and we expect transmission distances of 5 - 10 kms line of sight.
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