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by NRIE since 1980
   Telemetry and monitoring solutions for agricultural and the environment
NRI Electronics (NRIE) have developed long range, cost effective Wi-Fi base telemetry for remote monitoring and control. Wi-Fi is the preferred choice for connecting the Internet of Things ( IoT).  The Wi-Fi telemetry units not only support sensors but can be used for very cost effective site surveillance using low cost cameras.

Wi-Fi provides exceptional flexibility for monitoring now and into the future.  .

For those especially interested in soil moisture monitoring collected over the Wi-Fi please view real time data here

The NRIE Wi-Fi network consist of two parts.

1. Wi-Fi field unit has inputs ( SDI-12 ) for sensors for monitoring soil moisture , weather and water sensors. Up to six SDI-12 devices can be attached to each field unit. Each field unit has four digital outputs for operating two latching solenoids. The integrated solar panel charges a small internal lithium battery. Field units can be supplied with high gain omni directional or yagi antennas up to 32 dB gain for very long distance tranmission. We are testing long range , high gain anttenas as of April, 2018.

2. Wi-Fi Access Point AP. The Wi-Fi access point is located on a building or mast and communicates with the remote field units. The Wi-Fi AP connects to any existing router. This means the customer does not need to purchase expensive Base stations and dedicated routers..

Brief description.

The field units are instructed to undertake data collection tasks from attached sensors.

The field units can be configured from anywherein the world with internet connection. You do not need to know how to configure the units. If you wish to add another sensor later or replace a sensor then just connect it to the field unit and we can remotely configure it for you. If you wish to configure the field units yourself then it is as easy as filling out a simple on line form and sending to the AP over the Internet.

Data can be handled in two ways.

1. Data is sent to our servers and converted to chart format. We have decades of experience charting data.

2. Data is processed on Raspberry Pi mini PC running mySCADA software under Linux at customer's office. This PC collects data from the AP and can forward to our cloud servers if required. The mini PC can be password accessed from anywhere in the world  We are currently developing control systems for irrigation control based on mySCADA software providing both local and Internet access..
Cloudlink Wi-Fi

Long range monitoring and control
Low cost, short range 4 dB omni directional antenna. Suitable for up to  1 km.
Wi-Fi field unit with SDI-12 input and two digital outputs for valve control
Wi-Fi access point. Connects to customers router.
Mini Desktop PC ( Raspberry Pi ) running mySCADA on Linux operating system for NRIE irrigation monitoring and control. Supllied with touch sensitive screen. Physical size is 9 cm * 9 cm * 4 cm.

The NRIE SCADA based control integrates the Wi-Fi telemetry and mySCADA into a powerful computer based control and monitoring system. The system utilises the Raspberry Pi computer which runs Linux operating system. The Raspberry Pi single board computer is the choice of engineers around the world involved within the IoT , control systems, industral automation and robotics.   Peripherals are added such as touch sensitive computer screens to operate the NRIE Irrigation control system.
Distance Control 802.1xACK Time output

Multi SSID Maximum 4 SSID

Administration User name/Password can be configured

System Monitoring Device and Networking status statistic

System Log  Support local log, host log, log file exporting

Reset to factory default

Backup - Backup device configuration, then restore this configuration if need


TemperatureOperating Temperature: 0°C~55°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C

HumidityOperating Humidity 5%~95%  RH Non condensing

Storage Humidity  5%~95%  RH Non condensing
Acess Point ( AP ) Hardware specifications

WirelessIEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2T2R  300Mbps  MIMO Technology

Interface1*10/100Mbps RJ45 Port

1* Reset Button to restore factory default

Antenna - Outdoor use External omni Antenna

LED IndicatorPower, WIFI

Power24V Passive PoE

Data Rate300Mbps


Operation ModeGateway, Repeater,  WISP, AP

Network ProtocolIEEE 802.3(Ethernet)

IEEE 802.3u(Fast Ethernet)

IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Wireless SettingWireless Analyzer