ETo mm
0900 - 0900 hrs
Delta T
Wind speed km/h
Air Temp above canopy. 2.4 M
RH above canopy
Dew Point
Scale: -5 Deg C to 20 Deg C
Red zone = Frost zone
Working example of complex whole farm environmental monitoring.
Wind direction
Incoming solar
watts per square meter
Cumulative incoming solar
watts/m/m 0900 hrs - 0900 hrs
Dam water depth
(meters at outlet )
Dam capacity
Air Temp within  canopy. 1.0 M
temperature difference
Barometric pressure

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Rain mm
0900 - 0900 hrs
RH within canopy

24 Hour temp trend

5 day temp trend

Delta T 5 day trend

Wind speed 5 day trend

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