Weather station demonstration - example of display

Below is an example of the weather station (AWS) display. The basic AWS unit measures temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. Additional , third party sensors can be added by connecting to terminals in base of the unit. In this demonstration we have used low cost wind direction sensors from Davis Instruments ( Australia ) to provide wind speed , wind direction, solar radiation and rainfall.

The data output protocol from the AWS unit is SDI-12. This means that it will operate on other data loggers with SDI-12 input. However, the AWS unit has been chiefly designed to connect to the cloudGate unit for long range data transmission over Wi-Fi.
see AWS page for more details

The cloudGate unit can collect data on other parameters that may be required for broad scale farm monitoring. These include , but not limited to, dam and channel water level monitoring and sub surface soil monitoring for irrigation scheduling. We will be releasing a Wi-Fi based camera July 2019 which is compatible with the cloudGate network

The charts and gauges below show weather data. For soil moisture data please see our demo soil moisture pages.

LowerTemp    - lower AWS unit in canopy
TopTemp  -      upper AWS unit above canopy
LowerTH -        relative humidity in canopy
TopRH -           relative humidity above canopy
WS -                wind speed at the irrigation dam
WD -                wind direction at dam
Rain -              rain at irrigation dam
RainSum -        daily rainfall at irrigation dam 0900 - 0900 hrs.
Solar -             solar radiation sensor at dam Watts/m/m  
ETo mm
0900 - 0900 hrs
Rain mm
0900 - 0900 hrs
Delta T
Wind speed kph
Air Temp above canopy. 2.4 M
RH above canopy
Dew Point
Scale: -5 Deg C to 20 Deg C
Red zone = Frost zone
Spray guideline - preliminary
Wind direction
Incoming solar
watts per square meter
Cumulative incoming solar
watts/m/m 0900 hrs - 0900 hrs
Dam water depth
(meters at outlet )
Dam capacity
Air Temp within  canopy. 1.0 M
temperature difference
Barometric pressure
Temperature trending
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