Project requirements.

Design, install and operate an estuarine water quality monitoring system for County Council responsible for river health. Data to be easily and remotely viewable in chart format via smart phone and tablet devices in near real time. Monitoring system to be concealed for security reasons. Integrate local weather information into database and charting software. Data to be available in standard text (csv) format for additional hydrographic analysis. Provide data hosting and storage services.

Water Quality Monitoring - project example

   Troll 400 Multi -parameter water instrument ( In Situ Inc USA ).
   Measuring :-
   dissolved oxygen, pH, EC, TDS, water density, water depth, and water temperature

   Radio   =   Probelink data radio ( 433 Mhz )
   Modem =  Cloudlink-1

A very low power data radio, drawing an average current of 2 mAmp, transmits
water quality information every 15 minutes to a shore based receiver and 3G
modem which uploads data to an internet server every hour. This technique
allows the easy and inexpensive addition of more monitoring locations along
the river in future.
Old plastic pipes show existing oyster lease boundary and navigation channel. In one of these pipes the monitoring system sits quietly measuring and transmitting important water quality information.
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