Project description.

1. Provide ' stand alone ' soil moisture and rainfall monitoring stations in multiple locations across a major sugar cane growing region in Queensland , Australia.

2. Provide automatic weather station measuring temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure and rainfall.

3. Provide all data in near real time via Internet in gauges and chart format.

Methods and technology.

All sites comprised of solar powered monitoring stations equipment with multi depth soil probes ( EnviroPro 80 )and raingauges ( TB5 Hydrological Services, Australia )
Weather parameters measured using Vaisala WXT 520 weather transmitter.
An example of near real time gauges displays is shown below. Long term trend data for all parameters are available in on-line chart format.

This project was undertaken by Steve Attard of Agritech Solutions.

Irrigation monitoring and scheduling for large scale irrigation area.

Cloudlink stations located across major Australian sugar cane growing region. Each station measures soil moisture conditions and rainfall. Data is uploaded to the Internet at 30 minute intervals.
Soil moisture trace is used by growers to schedule irrigation. The color bands on the chart represent different irrigation set points. The soil trace to the left shows a summed value for all eight sensors on the soil probe. The soil probe is buried below the surface and remains in-situ throughout the year. The soil trace is nearing the low irrigation set point ( pink area ) and therefore an irrigation will be implememented within the next few days.
The chart to the left displays individual sensor values for the upper sensors of the soil probe. This information helps the irrigator to understand the dynamics of irrigation water use at different depths of the soil and the response and penetration of irrigation events.
The chart to the left displays weather information in near real time. Information is available in gauge and chart format as well as downnloadable csv file format.
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