Sentek Technologies

SDI 12 - enviroSCAN interfaces

SDI - 12 Drill & Drop soil probes ( soil moisture, VIC ( volumetric ion concentration ) temperature )
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Sentek Drill & Drop probe
Sentek - Peter Buss Site selection
Sentek Peter Buss - Plant water use
Rain and Irrigation meters

Pronamic rain and irrigation gauges ( all models )

Hydrological Services rain gauges ( all tipping bucket counter models )

Weather sensors

Vaisala WXT 520 SDI - 12 multi parameter weather transmitters

Water quality

In- Situ ( INC ( USA ) Troll 400 Multi - parameter water quality transmitter

See examples of soil charts from Sentek Drill & Drop probes - soil charts 
EnviroPRO soil probe ( FULL and standard probes ). Soil moisture, EC, soil temperature.
Sensors tested and approved for Cloudlink systems
Version 2.1
by NRIE since 1980
   Telemetry and monitoring solutions for agricultural and the environment