cloudLink LoRa

What is cloudLink LoRa

cloudLink LoRa is part of a suit of telemetry technologies developed by us for environmental monitoring.


LoRa is a long range,  low - power, radio data networking technology.


LoRa radio technology is relatively low cost, low in power requirements and operates in licence free bands.


In Australia,  LoRa operates within the 900 Mhz radio band which provides relatively long distance communication in agricultural settings. Transmission distance of many kilometers can be obtained in line-of-sight situations. However , please note that a 'line-of-sight situation " is difficult to obtain in agriculture and care must be exercised in estimating signal distance capabilities. It is recommended that consideration be given to antenna height and placement and a radio survey be undertaken as part of project establishment. We can provide test equipment and technical support for this.


LoRa is ideally suited for transmitting data from remote field sensors. LoRa is not suitable for applications where large file sizes are generated by the sensor. For example field monitoring cameras. For camera images we developed cloudLink Wi-Fi.


The cloudLink LoRa units send data to a gateway ( cloudGate ) device so that the data can be viewed in a chart or analogue gauge format. We supply both the Gateway unit ( cloudGate ) and a data presentation and management service.


The cloudLink LoRa units collect data from SDI-12 based sensors such as the cloudLink weather units and multi-depth soil probes.


The cloudLink LoRa units provide a new and low cost option for monitoring in agriculture and build on our decades of experience is supporting irrigation and agricultural industries.


The cloudLink LoRa devices comprise of two or three parts


• loraLink – a transmitter capable of reading and transmitting SDI-12 sensors to a receiver


• loraServe – a Lora receiver which receives transmissions from the field and serves the data over a hard wired interface to the NRIE cloudGate device


• loraBridge – similar to loraServe but it operates as a stand alone bridge between the field device transmissions and the internet via a WiFi interface


For full description see operators manual




We have decades of experience in supporting our distributors in the field. One of the most complex and time consuming components of a field installation is the programming and configuration of sensors and telemetry. Our cloudLink - LoRa technology allows us to undertake the remote configuration for any device anywhere in the world. We can also remotely undertake diagnosis for problem solving and can remotely reconfigure , or reprogram a device if a new device or sensor is added. 


Examples of cloudLink data presentation collected via cloudGate Wi-Fi and cloudgate cellular technologies


weather station display panel 


weather station spray guideline panel


soil moisture monitoring for irrigated agriculture 


remote tank monitoring using cloudGate and ultra sonic water level sensor

The cloudLink LoRa units are currently under laboratory and field testing. We anticpaite first commercial units available end of November 2019.

LoRa - Wi-Fi Bridge

Long range monitoring and control

technology update December  11,  2019.

What is the LoRa - Wi Bridge.


The LoRa - Wi-Fi bridge provides an economical means of getting remote field data into The Internet. All devices connected to the Internet need some form of gateway device. The gateway makes the connection between, for example, field sensors and the Internet.


We have combined our Wi-Fi technology with our new Low power - long range radios (LoRa) to provide an inexpensive bridge to the Internet and onto our charting services.  The diagram opposite explains


For full description see operators manual




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