Project description.

1.Provide temperature, humidly and irrigation monitoring inside six commercial greenhouses growing one million tree seedlings

2. Provide automatic weather station measuring temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure and rainfall.

3. Provide irrigation monitoring in outside ' hardening off ' areas.

4. Provide SMS alarms on zero or low irrigation rates.

5. Provide all data in near real time via Internet in gauges and chart format.

Methods and technology.

Greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring was measured using Vaisala HMS 82 combined temperature and humidity sensor with analogue output. Greenhouse watering measured using Pronamic irrigation meters.

Weather parameters measured using Vaisala WXT 520 weather transmitter.

Outside irrigation areas monitoring using Pronamic irrigation meters.

All sensor were hardwired to a Cloudlink CL1 modem and NRIE PLC circuit board. The modem issues SMS to two mobile ( cell ) phones if irrigation does not meet a preset threshold by 0800 hrs. The SMS identifies the section of the greenhouse responsible for the alarm situation. Data is uploaded from the site at 15 minute intervals and available for viewing using any Internet connected device.

An example of near real time gauges displays is shown below. Long term trend data for all parameters are available in on-line chart format.

Greenhouse and plant nursery monitoring

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