Distribution partners

We work and collaborate with specialist consultants and engineers who are recognised as the best in their field. We continue to develop a special and limited distribution model for sales and service. This model ensures we build a strong , competent support team of  distributors and integrators.

Our model is based on working with selected regional experts in states, territories and countries. Our distribution partners can be relied upon to deliver very high level of service and backup. Our distributors have uninterrupted access to our support and technical services both within and outside normal working hours.

Agricultural and environmental operations function on a 24/7 basis.  We try to provide support services to meet this working environment

Central Queensland

Steve Attard
Sugarcane Cropping Systems Agronomist
Certified Irrigation Agronomist (Irrigation Australia, CIAg 5211)

AgriTech Solutions (A.B.N. 98 117 685 980)
335 Iona Road, Home Hill, Queensland, Australia 4806
PO Box 512, Home Hill, Queensland, Australia 4806
skype: steve.agritech
Mobile:  0418 155 844
Telephone:  +61 7 4783 8622
North Queensland

Fabian Gallo

Hydrotech Monitoring

20 Tolga Road,
Atherton, QLD, 4883

+61 7 40911052
Adrian Orloff

Shepparton. Victoria

0438 393 002


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