Project requirements

Design,install and provide technical training for the management of soil moisture and soil salinity in seven blocks in an area with limited GSM coverage. Provide updates of field conditions in near real time for both soil moisture and salinity. Data to be available remotely on any Internet connected device.

Provide quick and easily interpreted gauges to show near real time soil moisture and salinity
Methods and technology.

Seven Sentek Drill & Drop 60 cm multi-depth soil probes measuring soil moisture (v/v), soil temperature and soil salinity were installed in soils ranging from coarse sandy to sandy loams. Probelink radios transmit data up to 900 meters to a central monitoring point fitted with Clouldink Series 1 modem. Data is sent from each field at 15 minute intervals and uploaded at 30 minute intervals.

Data presentation

Information from the probes is available to site irrigation managers in both static and dynamic chart format
Example ( above ) show gauges displaying the average salinity for each block. Salinity is expressed as Volumetric Ion Concentration ( VIC units )

The data has allowed major beneficial changes to irrigation scheduling.

These include
1. Taking the guesswork our of knowing when best to irrigate
2. Maximized water use and reduced pumping costs

Blueberry Irrigation management

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