Weather station demonstration - example of display

Below is an example of the weather station (AWS) display. The basic AWS unit measures temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure. Additional , third party sensors can be added by connecting to terminals in base of the unit. In this demonstration we have used low cost wind direction sensors from Davis Instruments ( Australia ) to provide wind speed , wind direction, solar radiation and rainfall.

The data output protocol from the AWS unit is SDI-12. This means that it will operate on other data loggers with SDI-12 input. However, the AWS unit has been chiefly designed to connect to the cloudGate unit for long range data transmission over Wi-Fi.
see AWS page for more details

The cloudGate unit can collect data on other parameters that may be required for broad scale farm monitoring. These include , but not limited to, dam and channel water level monitoring and sub surface soil monitoring for irrigation scheduling. We will be releasing a Wi-Fi based camera 2020 which is compatible with the cloudGate network

The charts and gauges below show weather data. For soil moisture data please see our demo soil moisture pages.

Delta T
Wind speed kph
Air Temp above canopy. 2.4 M
RH above canopy
Wind direction
temperature difference
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