CloudLink Mini weather sensor

Mini temperature humidity barometric pressure sensor ( SDI-12 1 )

The Cloudlink AWS unit measures temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. The sensors are enclosed in a small ABS plastic sensor screen.

The on-line charting software allows the calculation of growing degree days ( GDD ) and chilling units. Deciduous fruit trees often require a chill or cold period during dormancy to set a crop in the following spring. Chill units may assist the grower with information on potential yield and fruit quality.

The device has been designed to allow adding Davis Instrumentation sensors if required.

The device will accept counter inputs from rain gauges such as Davis as well as the Pronamic irrigation meters and rain gauges.

When fitted with solar radiation and a wind speed sensor the unit will compute evapotranspiration. This value can be used to estimate potential plant water used over days and weeks providing the irrigator with an estimation of irrigation requirements.


Power requirement
12 16 volts DC

Operating current
2 mA

Sensor settling time
1 second

Data output protocol

Additional sensors that can be attached. .

Davis solar radiation sensor

Davis Wind speed and Direction sensor

Davis rain gauges

When attached the the NRIE AWS,  the unit can provide a low cost complete weather station

see also AWS Demo


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