Quick charting Instructions

Zoom - click tick box " Time Select " use mouse and click left hand area of interest. Drag mouse to right side of chart

Return from Zoom - Click Redraw on chart

Use Cross Hair to see all values falling on vertical selection point

Summed chart

Change Y axis scaling

Hold down Shift key and move mouse pointer to series. This will cause a pop-up window to show. Enter new maximum value

Hold down Ctrl key and move pointer to series line. This will cause a pop-window to show. Enter new value for Y axis minimum value

Change soil moisture colour values

Alt 2 - change pink ( stress point )
Alt 3 - change upper band of green ( desirable ) level
Alt 4 - change upper band of blue area.

Stacked chart

To re-align series
Click in chart area - to change position of series 1. Hold down #1 key and use keyboard up and down arrows. Same applies for all series. For example to change series 6 - hold down # 6 and use up and down arrows to re position series 6.

At present all series are shown with the same Y axis scaling. If you wish to change scaling then follow procedure mentioned above.

By default the charts load the last 1000 records. If you wish to see more records then use ALT L - this will load all records on the database for that site.

Common Y axis - scaling can be changed using procedure above . ( Shift and Ctrl keys ).

Where  series data is shown on separate Y axis then it is possible to change the scaling of any series shown.

Add Comments

Place mouse pointer where you want to add a comment. ALT C will cause comment window to appear. Enter you comment.

To delete a comment place mouse pointer on comment and use Alt D.

Saving charts

Alt S to save your comments and changes made to the charts.

Password = c00l ( charlie,zero,zero,lima)