LowerTemp    - lower AWS unit in canopy
TopTemp  -      upper AWS unit above canopy
LowerTH -        relative humidity in canopy
TopRH -           relative humidity above canopy
WS -                wind speed at the irrigation dam
WD -                wind direction at dam
Rain -              rain at irrigation dam
RainSum -        daily rainfall at irrigation dam 0900 - 0900 hrs.
Solar -             solar radiation sensor at dam Watts/m/m  
ETo mm
0900 - 0900 hrs
Delta T
Wind speed kph
at Dam
Air Temp above canopy. 2.4 M
RH above canopy
Dew Point
Scale: -5 Deg C to 20 Deg C
Red zone = Frost zone
Spray guideline - preliminary
Wind direction
at dam
Incoming solar
watts per square meter
Cumulative incoming solar
watts/m/m 0900 hrs - 0900 hrs
Dam water depth
(meters at outlet )
Dam capacity
Air Temp within  canopy. 1.0 M
Barometric pressure
(upper sensor Field 3)

Last record updated on

Rain mm
0900 - 0900 hrs
RH within canopy